I Love Skiing.

For as long as I can remember, I had skis on my feet in the winter time, and I loved to float down the ski hill as fast as I could go.  Since the age of 3 years old I have been a skier, and today at a slightly older age downhill skiing is still one of my very favourite things to do.  There I go…yeah I love it.

matt skiing

The sport is incredible for a number of reasons.

The fresh air, the bright sun.  The mountains, and the beauty of the wilderness that surrounds the slopes.

vail colorado skiing

And of course, the camaraderie.  Yes, it brings family and good friends together in the great pursuit of fun times.

Skiing puts a smile on your face, it brings constant joy and laughter.

Perhaps the person that has communicated the greatness of skiing the most is Warren Miller.

Warren Millersteep and deep warren miller

Warren is the founder of Warren Miller Entertainment, and he produced, directed, and narrated over 50 annual ski and snowboarding films.

The films are incredible.  The first one I watched was 1985′s “Steep and Deep”.  Check out the cover above.  I watched it at least 20 times.  Skiing + the 80s = A True Scene.

Warren’s narrative humour was a delight to listen to, and the the footage was absolutely amazing.  The films showed you the best skiing all around the world.  The films were an absolute charm.  If you weren’t in the midst of a ski season, you were counting down the moments for opening day.

I love skiing, and I also love to collect things.

A few weeks ago (September 2014), I stumbled across this domain warrenmiller.net in the GoDaddy domain auctions.  I couldn’t believe it.  It had expired after being owned by Warren Miller for nearly 16 years.  I decided to scoop it up because as I said I am a collector, and I also love skiing.

I think the best thing to do with warrenmiller.net is to use it to communicate to Warren Miller how much his films are loved.

So I ask you, skiers and snowboarders of the world…

Submit your post today on what film of Warren’s you like the most and why.  Thank you!

Need a reminder on the movie titles?